And so…

Here we are, just about up and running. Well, almost. ‘Up’ in the sense that I’m an elderly person with little or no balance and needing additional structural support, and ‘running’ in the sense that I’m dragging my sorry carcass sweating and panting along a busy public bridal path whilst I splutter and wheeze self deprecating insults at myself.

I’ll start again.

Here we are, shaky and knackered. While it is my first ‘official’ blog post – in the way that those celebrity autobiographies that are written by other people and pieced together from snatched conversations are ‘official’ – I am going to address the end on an era I have recently embarked upon.

Back in January I applied to a BBC led scheme called ‘Jesting About’. The aim was to find a diverse mix of brand new and established comedy writers and performers in the North East (from whence I live).

Initially I applied with a mixture of sketches and character ideas and was eventually chosen to form part of a Radio strand of the scheme. This involved working with other writers and performers to create a half hour radio sketch show pilot to be aired on both BBC Newcastle and BBC Tees.

For the last couple of months I have been busy beavering away like a, well, beaver, writing, rewriting and editing sketches for a recording. Finally the fruits of my labour and the labour what which the others put in too, was to be heard on BBC Tees.

It was a brilliant experience that taught me a great deal about writing and performing comedy. In particular, writing sketches for radio. Radio has always been a medium I have liked and admired but not one that I have written or really thought in depth about writing for, however, having completed this scheme the one thing I do know is that I would very much like to continue writing for radio.

Hopefully over the coming months I will be able to write about what I have learnt and how it is playing into my writing but for the moment here is the link the the BBC Tees broadcast:

You only have till 07:30 on the 29th of April to listen but it will be aired on BBC Newcastle on Monday 1st May at 09:30 and again at 6:30. Enjoy.

And here’s a link to the BBC Comedy Blog post about the final:

oh, and my sketch is the Jerry Bucham protest singer sketch…