My Editorial Writing

TV Bomb

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I have recently started writing film reviews for the Scottish culture website, TV Bomb. A selection of my reviews can be found by clicking the image above.


Kin Magazine – The Dad Diary

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An off-shoot of the Mamas & Papas brand, Kin was a parenting magazine aimed at London-based parents. Irreverent and honest, it aimed to discuss parenting is a straight-forward was with humour. I was asked to ghost write a column on being a dad, based on real stories from a father at Mamas & Papas.

An example of my work is below:

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Giggle Beats – Making a Stand

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For two years, from 2013-2015, I wrote a weekly column for Giggle Beats comedy website. While I was given creative control to write what I wanted, the only real brief was to discuss issues around comedy and performing stand-up. As the column evolved it took in everything from reviews to Top Ten Lists, to opinion pieces on a variety of subjects, including tributes to lost icons of comedy.

All of my Giggle Beats columns can be found by clicking the image above.


Newcastle Evening Chronicle – Making a Stand

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For a year, I was a resident columnist for the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. As a stand-up at the time, I was asked to write a series of humorous columns about daily life. It was a great challenge to write for such a respected publication, and the freedom to right what I wanted was a honour.

A selection of my pieces can be found on my blog.