My Videos

Here is a short collection of videos I’ve worked on, either as a writer, director, editor or actor.

Creative Acts of Kindness with Jerry Bucham – Actor/Writer/Director

A short-lived web series I created with my comedy character, freelance activist Jerry Bucham. Each week, Jerry would perform an ill-thought out act of kindness in the hope of making the world a better place. He didn’t succeed.



Going Down, 2010 – Actor/Writer/Director

Filmed in 2010, this is my degree film from my final year on a Media Production course at Northumbria University.

Specialising in writing and directing, I created this piece with the help of a brilliant crew. The idea was a short comic film about two people in a claustrophobic relationship, getting stuck in a lift.

It was an incredibly challenge undertaking this film as, with the exception of the opening shot, the rest of the film was created on a set we purpose built. Creating that sense of claustrophobia was difficult, but I think it pays off.

While the film has certain flaws, I’m incredibly proud of my first real writing and directing experience, as I feel I achieved what I set out to do. The crew worked together well, and between us, we created something I’m very fond of. Writing and directing is certainly an area I would like to explore again.


Written & Directed by Rob Gilroy

Produced by Anna Holderness

Cinematography by Harriet Critchley

Sound Production by Andy Greenshields

Edited by Danielle Smith

Starring Abby Herron & Rob Gilroy


‘Be Honest with Me’
Written by Gene Autry & Fred Rose
Performed by Dean Martin
(C) Copyright EMI UK

Composed by David O’Brien
Published by Audio Network PLC



The Real Life, 2009 – Editor


This is a short documentary exploring the phenomenon of reality TV. Filmed in 2009 by David Morse, it formed part of his final year Media Production course at Northumbria University.

As part of my second year, I was required to assist a third year crew in a discipline of my choosing. I decided to specialise in Editing as it has always been something I enjoy, and I feel I have an aptitude for.

This film was particularly challenging as I worked closely with David to not only piece together the narrative from interviews and footage, but also play with some of the editing conventions found in reality TV. I also contributed additional material as we needed links to bridge the gaps between segments.

I am incredibly proud of this film and my work on it, particularly as it won me a placement with a production company in their post-production department.


Co-Directed by: Oliver Whitehouse & David Morse

Presented & Produced by David Morse

Edited by: Rob Gilroy & David Morse

Cinematography by: Simon Rogers & Geoff Jones

Sound by: Redford Stephenson

Script by: Joe Gilmore

Additional Material: Rob Gilroy


Glass, 2007 – Writer & Director

Filmed in 2007, as part of my first year course at Media Production at Northumbria University. The course required us to pitch ideas for documentaries, then we were randomly assigned production roles on the selected pitches.

Glass was based on an idea by Amanda Aiken, following the day-to-day life of her mother, stained glass artist, Emma Butler-Cole Aiken. I was assigned the role of writer/director as was tasked with crafting the narrative of the documentary during the filming, working closely with the crew.

It was an exciting opportunity to take control of a larger crew, and I feel we worked well together to create and interesting and visually satisfying piece.


Written & Directed by Rob Gilroy

Produced by Amanda Aiken

Cinematography by James Boughen

Sound Recording by Warwick Baines-Bennett

Lighting and Boom Operating by Harriet Critchley & Polly Blake