My Plan for 2017

Last year, on January 1st, I did that thing most of us foolishly do. I wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve that year. It’s fair to say [SPOILER] few of them made it out of the notebook.

2017 will be different.

I wanted to use this post to write down my intentions for this year. Far from empty promises, I’m so determined to achieve them; I started laying the groundwork in 2016 just to make sure they happened.

So, what will I be doing in 2017?

  1. Having Babies*

Not strictly writing, this, but still pretty important.

Last year my wife and I discovered we were expecting not one, but two babies – the ultimate BOGOF. I am beyond excited about the chance to be a dad twice and it remains the biggest, and scariest task of 2017 and, depending on how well it goes, beyond.

However, being a horrific show-off, I’ve already found a way to mine it for my own ends. Hence the second thing I’ll be doing.

  1. Writing a Parenting Blog

It’s been a while since I contributed a weekly column to Giggle Beats and I have missed that discipline, as evidenced by the poor upkeep of this site.

Introducing my new weekly parenting blog, Twinsights. It’s a chance to voice the ups and downs of raising two babies simultaneously, embracing the wonder of parenting and the thrill of childbirth.

It’s not. It’s basically an excuse to write jokes about cervix and make fun of two tiny things who can’t defend themselves. It’s going to be fun.

I’ve already made a start to check it out here:


  1. Create a Web Series

And finally, the third and most exciting plan for this year (after the baby thing) is the return of Jerry Bucham.

Jerry Bucham: Freelance Activist

For those who don’t know Jerry, and that amounts to a large percentage of the population, he’s a protest singer character I used to perform on the stand up circuit.

I’m resurrecting him for a web series and I’m very excited about it. I’ve been trying to create a web series for ages now but through one thing and another, it’s never really come off. Finally I hit on a way of doing it that got me excited, and I found myself laughing afresh at the material I was writing, which is nice.

The series will be launching imminently but for now keep up to Jerry’s whereabouts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


2016 was a year of ups and downs creatively for me. I’ve certainly lost some of my drive and a lot of my confidence, but I finally feel like I’m taking my comedy writing into my own hands.

Trust me to wait until I’m raising two babies to do it.

Bring it on, 2017. I’m ready.


* In all fairness, it will be my wife doing the ‘having’.


I’m working on something…


A red button with the words "Take action" on itI won’t mince my words: I’m working on an idea for a web series.

‘Why do you care?’ you’re probably asking yourself. Though ‘why do I care?’ would be a more obvious wording choice.

Well, to be honest with you, this blog post isn’t for you. It’s for me.

I’ve spent a great deal of this year (and the last couple of years) working on different ideas but lacking in any sense of decisiveness. So this is me nailing my flag to the mast. I need to make something. I miss it.

Some will know, but most won’t (or won’t care): I used to do stand-up. Did it for nearly four years. I loved performing. I loved writing jokes and standing up in front of an audience, trying them out, refining them and, most importantly, getting laughs.

There are few things I love as much as comedy (my wife mainly) it has always been my passion. If anyone tells you heroine is addictive, tell them to try cracking jokes about Ronan Keating to an assorted crowd in Newcastle on a Wednesday night. They haven’t lived!


I quit stand up a couple of years ago because, amongst other things, my passion for it had started to wane. I loved the moment of being on stage but found myself fed up with a lot of the ‘other stuff’.

My goal has always been to write and perform on television, and stand-up seemed like good training for that. But I soon realised that for many, stand-up isn’t training. It’s the real deal. As I wasn’t shitting, I decided to get off the pot. Make way for others that wanted it more than me. That way I could focus on writing and performing in the things I love.

After a few small successes and some near misses and I find myself here: without much to put my name to and be proud of. I want this to change.

I’ve lost a lot of confidence in my own ability over this last couple of years. Creativity is always a tightrope walk between moments of inspiration and the realisation you’re a weird bloke in a stupid wig filming yourself in the bathroom. For some reason a lot of my ideas recently have been plagued with doubt. Worries it isn’t funny, or will be too difficult to pull off, a sense that someone else will be able to do the same idea but better. I never used to be like this but now I am and it’s exhausting.

So I’m working on a web series because I’ve always wanted to do one, and now I have an idea that I like and think will work. It may not; it might fall flat on its face. But if I don’t make a determined effort to make it work, I’ll probably end up wasting more time and energy worrying.

I’ve been inspired by a lot of great people on Twitter recently – I really recommend checking out Match Not Found, Cops and Monsters, Mina Murray’s Journal and Dear Jesus. All staggering achievements and it would be nice to make my own little contribution to the world of web series.

So I’m working on something. And I couldn’t be happier.